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Employee Background check - Profit your business


Pre-employment background checks can be regarded as a first line of defense for you to protect your company, employees and assets. If you don't have a screening program and utilize a background check service, you really should. Background checks can give you the information to make smart decisions. They help your company mitigate risk for candidate behaviors such as criminal activity, fraud, embezzlement and abuse. If accomplished the right way, pre-employment background checks assist in protecting your business from negligent hiring.
There are many background check companies that provide screening services to verify that potential employees or volunteers have the required integrity and skills for a position. It's important to investigate a candidate or employee thoroughly and evaluate the information you receive from a background check service provider. If a pre-employment background check should reveal that an employee is unfit for the job your organization can be held liable. Make sure the information you use to select or deny an individual candidate is based on fact and that it is relevant to the position being applied for.
Run a pre-employment background check and know who you're hiring. You don't want to find out after the fact a person is unfit after you spent the time hiring and training, for it could be a costly mistake. While the scope and method of pre-employment background checks can differ between businesses, the purpose remains the same, to hire the most qualified candidates.
The best method of defense is a background check, which consists of all the necessary screening components that are important and relate to the job responsibilities, performance, qualifications, or level of involvement within your company. It's important to note that employees have privacy rights that can be legally enforced when pre-employment background checks are not conducted within the laws that govern employment screening.
Your business wants to receive a return on your investment and mitigate potential legal and financial exposures. Conducting background checks on potential employees utilizing a background check service is a major part of the business process. Whether you're new to employment screening or already have a program in place to run pre-employment background checks on candidates, it's important you have a solid and consistent plan. Remember, you don't have unlimited rights to dig into an employee's background or personal life, so you need to know what you can and can't do when conducting a pre-employment background check.

Advantages and disadvantages of a background check?

Advantages and disadvantages of a background check?

Pros for Employers
  • Background checks reveal lies in resumes or CV and fill in the 'blanks' at interviews. This helps the job selection process and ensures employment of only legitimate and honest candidates with no criminal history.
  • Carrying out thorough background checks protects an employer against possible, future lawsuits.
  • Globalization has made it easier for people to leave behind their former lives and identities, and carry on, afresh, in another town, state or even country, erasing any stains on their character as they go. Records and data are scattered and do not always link up. It is pretty, futile, relying on the information supplied by an applicant for a job. A criminal is very unlikely to reveal a true picture of their past lives.
Cons for Employers
  • Background checks are expensive in terms of money and time and for this reason, many employers fail to carry out thorough checks.
  • Many companies have faced litigation for not performing pre-employment, background checks. Wal-Mart were once, involved in a negligence lawsuit. They have since revised their company policy and now perform stringent background checks on all potential employees.
  • Failure to deal with private information or data in a responsible manner can result in penalties for the employer. Fines for fraudulent activity and misplacing or losing personal data are heavy.
Pros for Employees
  • Employers have a duty to provide a safe place of work for their employees. It is, therefore, the responsibility of an employer, to vet potential employees before given them a job.
  • A company must perform background checks, whilst at the same time, adhering to codes of practice outlined by the regulations surrounding data protection.
  • Cons for Employees
  • Some people feel that background checks are an invasion of personal liberty.
  • Background checks can reveal details, which you would rather not disclose to a potential employer.
  • Penalties can be incurred for falsification or disclosure of information presented when applying for a job.
  • A person may miss promotion due to one mistake made during their youth, regardless of their present day integrity, work experience or qualifications.
  • In today's environment of terrorism, security checks are becoming more important and therefore, more common. As employers tighten up their belts, it may soon be a thing of the past to be able to get a job without, first passing stringent security checks.
  • Employers may also find themselves being more forthcoming when it comes to providing references for former employees, in the fear that they may sued for not revealing the truth about a bad employee. References may become quite, detailed and even incriminating to the employee.
  • Following current trends, the need for total honesty will increase as the more thorough the background check, the more likely it is for lies and omissions, to show up.
  • The personal information, accessible by a company or person doing an individual's background review, is very sensitive stuff and it could be very damning if it were to get into the wrong hands.
  • As companies carry out more extensive background checks, the results are becoming more crucial to a person's livelihood.
  • Errors made by research companies, performing background checks, can be costly and damning to a potential employee.

Benefits & Advantage: Employee Background Verification

Advantages of Employee Background Checks

The primary advantage of a pre-employment background check is that it makes a hiring disaster less likely. A thorough check discourages fakers, who may drop out to avoid being embarrassed, and exposes dishonest applicants who choose to brazen it out. A background check can save your company from a negligent-hiring lawsuit by weeding out applicants with a history of violence or drug use. However, you must conduct a background check carefully, advises the Small Business Administration. Many aspects of employee privacy are protected by law, and violating an applicant's rights may open you up to legal action.


A background check may reveal that the job seeker is applying for a position under a false identity. A background check may include a Social Security trace, verification of an applicant's I-9 Form -- or his eligibility to work in the United States -- and a search against global homeland security databases.

Education and Job Experience

A background check also verifies that the applicant actually attended the schools listed on his resume and that he did in fact attain any degrees and licenses that he claims. It also verifies information about his past work experience -- that he worked there at all, how long he worked there, how satisfied his employers were with his performance, his job title, his salary and any career advancement.

Criminal and Legal History

According to the SBA, laws regulating criminal background checks for potential employees vary from state to state. It recommends hiring a lawyer for guidance. You can't gather arrest record information that's over seven years old, even though it's a matter of public record. You can, however, search for criminal convictions. A background check can reveal information such as driving records involving a company vehicle, civil lawsuits less than seven years old, sex offender data for at-risk jobs, and county, state or federal convictions. Drug and alcohol tests can identify applicants with substance abuse or alcoholism problems.

Financial Data

The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act protects an employee's history of paid tax liens and any collections data that's over seven years old -- but only if you hire a consumer reporting agency to collect it. If you do the research in-house, these employee protections don't apply, according to the Bankrate.com website. The FCRA also requires that you obtain an employee's written consent before getting his credit report. A potential employee's bankruptcy history may be included in a background check, but note that federal law forbids discrimination against potential employees who have filed for bankruptcy.

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Guidelines For Tenant Verification - vFacts


Tenant verification ensures a landlord that their tenants are capable of paying rent on time and they are not criminals or troublesome. Tenant Verification plays important and vital role in finding the best tenants for your rental property. Successful Landlords know that tenant verification is the most important task when letting property. Tenant Verification can be either done by landlord himself or he can hire a professional service provider. Today renting a property is one of the important sources of income for landlords and tenant verification ensures that the aspiring tenants are not criminals or troublesome for which the landlord would be answerable for.

Tenant Verification Service

In case you cannot undertake tenant verification process your own, there are many different agencies and services that provide credit checks for landlords. It also offers background and criminal history reports. If you have a large rental complex or a large number of applicants, you may be able to save money by selecting a membership service that offers bulk discounts. Fees or service charges vary as some require only a membership fee, while others charge per report. Tenant verification companies collect pertinent information from credit reports, court records of evictions, bad check reports, state courts, utility companies etc for information about potential tenants.
Tenant Verification is not a difficult task but you need to check references, reason for moving and background before you renting out your property. If you’re a new landlord and are unsure of how to verify potential tenants, there are a few guidelines. Always ask for references, especially from the last place the person lived. Ensure that the aspiring tenants are not criminals or troublesome. It’s also a good idea to know in advance how the tenant will be paying the rent. If the potential tenant has poor credit or is not making enough to afford rent comfortably, you should consider finding a different tenant.
Disclaimer: The article  contains data collected from various sources and the use of same is at readers discretion.

Tips How to clear an Interview

Finding a job in today’s economy is difficult. Simply searching for a job opportunity is tough enough. Throw in the dreaded job interview and difficult becomes downright stressful. However, it is possible to alleviate some of the stress. Here are 18 tips to help you ace your job interview.

Know Where You Are Going

A few days before your interview, make sure to get directions to your interview location online. If the directions are confusing or you aren’t familiar with the location, take time to do a drive by so that on the day of your interview you don’t get lost.

Call to Confirm

The day before your interview, call whoever scheduled your interview to confirm the day and time. By making a quick “I just wanted to confirm our 12pm interview time tomorrow” call, you will show that you are organized and respect the interviewer’s time.


Before your interview, make sure your hygiene is up to par. For men, this means making sure your hair is in control and that you are clean-shaven. For women, this means making sure to put on a little bit of makeup and doing your hair.

Review Your Resume

The night before your interview, go back over your resume to make sure you have everything on it that best highlights your skills and accomplishments as they relate to the position you are applying for. Make sure you know your major talking points for the interview so that you are adequately prepared.

Research the Company

Take the time to research the company you are interviewing with. Know what they do, their mission statement, any major events in the company’s history, and any other relevant information. By showing that you know about the company, you will convey an interest that the interviewer will appreciate.

Research Your Interviewers

When researching the company, also be sure to do a little research on anyone who will be interviewing you. By knowing their role in the company and any major professional accomplishments they have, you will demonstrate that you care not just about the company but about the employees and that you will be a great coworker.

Dress the Part

If you want the part, you have to look the part. Figure out the kind of culture the company has, then dress a level up. By doing this, you will demonstrate a level of professionalism that will be looked upon favorably.

Drive Safely

Your interview starts as soon as you enter the parking lot and doesn’t end until you leave the parking lot. Be sure to be a good driver when driving. Reckless driving will label you as an irresponsible liability the company doesn’t need.

Be Early

Whatever you do, do not be late. Show up early to demonstrate that you are responsible and appreciative of the interviewer’s time. Even showing up on time doesn’t cut it as that will simply show you will do the bare minimum to get by. Employers want employees who will go above and beyond.

Turn Your Cell Phone Off

One major interview faux pas is to have your phone ring during an interview. Make sure your cell phone is off or on silent during an interview. Or better yet, just leave it in the car.

Bring Multiple Copies of Your Resume

If you were giving a presentation during a company meeting that required a handout you would make sure you had made enough copies for everyone in the meeting, right? Well, chances are you will have multiple people interviewing you, so be prepared and respectful of each interviewer by bringing a copy of your resume for each of them.

Watch Your Nonverbals

Be sure to make good eye contact, give each interview a solid handshake, and not fiddle with a pen. Your nonverbal cues are very important in an interview, so do your best to not just talk confidently, but act confident too.

Have an Elevator Speech Prepared

Most of the time, the first question you will be asked is, “tell me about yourself.” Make sure you are ready for this question by having a brief, 30-second elevator speech ready to go that highlights your job history and accomplishments as well as what you are looking for in your career. Memorize the speech by heart and learn how to deliver your pitch with charm and confidence.

Be Prepared for Certain Questions

Inevitably you will be asked questions along the lines of “what is your greatest weakness,” “why do you want to work here,” and “how does your current skill set fit with this position.” Be sure you know how to answer these questions and any other relevant questions before your interview so you don’t get caught off guard.

Stay Positive

We have all had jobs we hated, worked on projects that were difficult, and had bosses we butted heads with. You will probably be asked about difficult situations in previous positions, so be sure to stay positive about those situations by highlighting your success in that situation as well as anything beneficial you learned from it.

Have Questions

At the end of your interview, you will be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer. Have questions prepared to ask each interviewer. For example, you could ask, “What is your favorite part of your job?” By coming prepared with questions for your interviewers, it shows that you are prepared and have interest in the company.

Take Notes

During your interview, be sure you have a notepad with you so you can take notes when the interviewers answer your questions or give you more information about the job and company. Just make sure you continue to make eye contact with the interviewer and not simply writing frantically on your notepad.

Follow Up

At the end of the interview, get business cards from everyone who interviewed you and send them a thank you note or email within 24 hours. Doing this demonstrates that you are appreciative of their time. 

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Why is knowing your Employee Important?

Employee Background Screening

Ensuring a Better Quality of Employee
Employers are at great risk from their greatest assets – employees! A disturbingly large number of job applicants resort to lying or misrepresenting information on their résumés. When the job market is tight, the rate of fraud increases manifold. 

How Background Screening Scores 
Background screening is vital for employers to protect their businesses from legal hassles arising out of negligent hiring. It minimizes the cost of replacement hiring, which can be as much as five times the salary of the post to be filled. 

Background screening gives businesses a better quality of employee; the unprincipled ones stay away. Applicants with a history of undesirable conduct or drug abuse can be quickly identified and weeded out, creating a safe and productive workplace for employees. 

Our Checks and verification services: 

Education/Degree Verification 
vFacts verifies candidate's education qualifications and degree details. 

Employment Record Verification 
vFacts checks candidate's previous employment details. 

Professional Reference Checks 
Verification checks are made regarding candidate's personal integrity and professional references 

Address Verification 
Physical visits are made to confirm current, permanent and previous residential addresses. 

Criminal Record Search 
vFacts verifies for criminal records of candidates at local police stations. 

Drug Abuse Testing 
vFacts delivers a full range of effective drug screening solutions using renowned pathology labs. 

Database Checks 
vFacts checks Indian and global databases to verify if candidates are connected to organized crime or present legal, reputation and compliance risks. 

Passport Verification 
vFacts carries out passport verification to confirm passport holder's identity.

Why Tenant verification is Necessary?

Tenant verification ensures a landlord that their tenants are capable of paying rent on time and they are not criminals or troublesome. Tenant Verification plays important and vital role in finding the best tenants for your rental property. Successful Landlords know that tenant verification is the most important task when letting property. Tenant Verification can be either done by landlord himself or he can hire a professional service provider. Today renting a property is one of the important sources of income for landlords and tenant verification ensures that the aspiring tenants are not criminals or troublesome for which the landlord would be answerable for. 

Tips for Tenant Verification 
Tenant verification plays vital role in finding the best tenants for your rental property. You can eliminate about 90 percent of your tenant problems by Tenant Verification. Following tips help you to know important things you need to consider in tenant verification process. 

Credit check: 
Check credit references to determine each applicant’s credit history. If you do not have anybody to conduct credit screening for your tenant, or for some reasons it is impossible to do it yourself, you can opt for private agency. 

Police verification: 
Nowadays it is mandatory for landlords to get police verification. You need to duly fill police verification form with particulars of tenant whom you let out your premises. Police uses information provided by you to verify background of your tenant and this helps you to ensure that the aspiring tenants are not criminals or troublesome. 

Previous landlord: 
You can ask for character references or contact details of previous landlord to know more about your prospective tenants. This helps you to ensure that your prospective tenants will keep your premises and property clean. They don’t undertake any destructive actions in your property which may end in damaging your property. 

Address Verification 
Physical visits are made to confirm current, permanent and previous residential addresses. 

We offer all above services to make you safer. Just make a call to avail our services.

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vFacts Research Services is India's leading credentials background screening and risk management consultancy. Our experienced personnel, backed up by the latest technology and tools enable our clients to reduce employee, vendor and business partner related risks.

Employment screening services and employment background checks are vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety. vFacts Research Services (VRS) proprietary employment background screening practices reduce the risk associated with industry-wide hiring decisions. With the implementation of our employment screening services, we give you the insight you need to uncover the unknown facts decisively.

VRS offers employee background checks to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Whether your company is looking for entry level employment background screening or a more comprehensive professional level program, our team will customize a solution that is appropriate for your hiring policy, budget, and industry.

Employment Screening Services & Employee Background Checks

No matter what the size of your business is, employee screening is very important. The company in this case will get to know the applicants more and see if they fit the job description they are applying for. This process usually begins with the company's HR personnel assigned going over the applicant's resume to see if the information contained within is correct. It will then move on to validating the applicant's information to see if there are any contradictions and the HR personnel will further determine if the applicant can be a valuable addition to their workforce.

The process of employment ranges from medical, background checks and psychometric testing. Some open positions in the company allow applicants to practice answering the required tests.Since it is the only trusted way for the human resource manager or personnel to determine and assess the applicant vying for the position, screening is a most important of any job hiring process.

Getting to know the probable people who will be part of your workforce is quite logically necessary. Allowing the company to select those candidates who perform well in the tests is only made possible by the screening process. Everytime companies hire new employees, they are expecting to land the most competent of them out there who would complement the revenues or increase the income of the company. The employment screening process, aside from selecting skillful workers, can detect if the candidate is both physically and mentally fit to be part of their workforce.

A good and reliable source, like third party investigative bodies, of information is needed to verify the validity of the applicant's presented data and background checks or screening simply wouldn't be effective if this source was limited in any way. In order for the HRD of the company to gain access to certain restricted information like school records or previous job employment records, they sometimes have to ask the applicant to sign an authorization document. This only happens when there is a non-disclosure contract between the applicant and his previous employer exists and the prospective employer needs to know more about the applicant. As for school records, the institution may have more requirements aside from the authorization document that the prospective employer has to comply with before it is granted access.

Vision & Mission

It is our vision to help build a secure and risk-free business environment for the clients we serve - organizations, individuals or even government establishments.

To affirm our vision of helping build a secure environment, our mission is to deliver highest standards in Screening, Risk Advisory and related services. We will continue to build on our leadership in Employee Screening Services and will be one of the Top companies in this business in Asia-Pacific Region. We shall continue to innovate our service delivery through continual improvement in utilization of our resources - people, technology and knowledge.